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Welcome to Gravel Drug PVP!

1. Get legal high to purchase new flakka drug aPVP for sale online

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3. Shipping&Payments

4. Biochemical Activity & Pharmacodynamics

5. Alpha pvp flakka effects and dosage

6. Flakka PVP legal status

7. A pvp experience and product reviews

Get legal high to purchase new flakka drug aPVP for sale online

Gravel Drug PVP has an intention to supply research chemicals vendor such as flakka for sale. We provide wholesale to USA, UK, Europe, Canada, China, Australia and other countries. We provide only top-quality products for research purposes only. In our online store you can find the most natural and 100% pure a-PVP. We take care about our consumers and intended to provide them services on a high level. Research chemicals for sale which are available in Gravel Drug PVP are made in accordance with the latest technologies. You have an opportunity to find apvp research chemical here.

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Buy research chemicals for sale online vendor ONLY IF YOU ARE 21 OR OLDER

What is street gravel drug?

α-PVP  has various names. Among them you can find A-PVP, flakka for sale, α-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone, O-2387, street gravel and alpha-PVP. PVP drug is an euphoric synthetic stimulant stimulant. There is not enough data about its human use. New Flakka is similar to other MDPV with its dosage and after-effects. It was included into the category of short-lasting pyrotechnical-type stimulants. A-PVP can excite the nervous system and you can admit increasing of physiological function. [1, 2]





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Commercial information

Commercial history: what is flakka alpha pvp?

Alpha PVP is a syntheticstimulantdrug which is included into the cathinone and pyrovalerone classes.  Buy Flakka online is similar to other pyrovalerone compounds such as MDPV andcathinone compounds which could be found in the khat ( a plant which grows in eastern Africa). You can find brown crystals flakka or it could also be n form of large crystal shards. The effects of α-PVP is often compared to amphetamine and cocaine effects.

The history of A-PVP usage is quite short. In early 2011 it was shown as other MDPV and bath salts. It firstly became popular in the US in 2013. A-PVP is manufactured primarily in China. You can buy research chemicals in united states and order flakka through vendors in USA and worldwide. [3, 4, 5]






Analyzing graphics of alpha PVP popularity in various parts of the world during last years, it should be mentioned that flakka is the most widely used in Poland, the USA, Japan and the UK.


To sum up the dynamics of alpha PVP popularity, it is worth to say that it is arising. Steadily growth started in 2012 and it continues nowadays.




Biochemical Activity & Pharmacodynamics

Alpha PVP is a alternate pentanone bound to a phenyl ring and a pyrrolidine ring. Flakka is a stimulant of the monoamine cathinone class and it is quite similar to pentadrone. α-PVP has very much alike structure to a phenethylamine core featuring a phenyl ring bound to an amino (NH2) group through an ethyl chain. A-PVP is substituted at Rα with a propyl chain. Moreover, flakka features an oxygen substitution double-bonded to Rβ.

There is noe enough information about the alpha PVP system of action. It is usually compared to the designer drug MDPV which acts as a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor (NDRI). However, there is no appropriate research. [6, 7, 8, 9, 10]








Alpha pvp flakka effects and dosage 

Alpha PVP effects are often compared to MDPV and other bath salts effects.Here is the list of possible effects which could be followed after flakka using:

  • Euphoria
  • Depression
  • Vibrating vision 
  • increased energy
  • Growth of  tactile sensations 
  • increased alertness
  • Stimulation
  • Decreased need for sleep
  • Focus enhancement
  • Increased sociability
  • Higher heart rate
  • Changing mood in positive and negative side
  • increasing of sexuality and libido
  • Increased perspiration
  • Excessive talking
  • Difficulty urinating 
  • Decreased appetite
  • Irritability
  • Weight loss
  • Dehydration
  • Increasing of sweating
  • Distrubed sleep patterns
  • Vasoconstriction
  • Bruxia
  • Teeth grinding 
  • Visual and audiotory hallucinations itchiness
  • Tactile enhancement
  • Agressiveness
  • Wakefulness
  • Loose of time
  • Anxiety

Flakka have to be followed with acquainting of appropriate dosage of the research chemical before its using.

Threshold - 0.5 - 1 mg

Light1 - 5 mg

Common - 5 - 10 mg

Strong - 10 - 15 mg

Heavy - 20+ mg



Total - 2 - 5 hours

Onset - 15 - 45 minutes

Peak - 15 - 30 minutes

Offset - 30 - 90 minutes

After effects - 2 - 4 hours


You should be familiar with information about dosage of alpha PVP and it is strongly recommended to follow the dosage.


Flakka pvp legal status

A-PVP in UK, Estonia, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovenia, Poland, Turkey, Romania, Belgium, Norway, the Czech Republic is illegal for manufacturing, supplying and selling.

A-PVP in the USA is in the list of regulated , emergency scheduled (Schedule I) research chemicals.

Since October, 2015 a-pvp is controlled in China. [11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16]









Additional content


A pvp experience and product reviews

Overall, alpha pvp is potentially addictive and your have to be responsible when using it and choosing necessary dosage. It is capable to cause psychological dependence.There are also feedbacks from people who have already tried a-pvp and didn’t have any negative health effects. 


1) After using alpha-PVP there were noticed similar effects of psychosis like after amphetamine. There was dehydration but there weren’t any negative effects.

2) I purchased a-pvp legal powder from this online store and I must admit the quality was definitely good. I receive pure a-pvp for my researches and it proved my goals for 100%.

3) I would like to share with users my experience of flakka drug test. Before flakka I have tried a great number of other party pills. After having a light dose of flakka there were hallucinations and paranoia like from other stimulants.

4) The cognitive effects of a-pvp are quite dependable from dosage. After using flakka there was a feeling of happiness and joy, which is the direct result of  releasing serotonin and dopamine.



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